Why I Created SayClip

SayClip is many things, but it’s video messaging at its finest. I first had the idea of SayClip because I was sitting around thinking about how cool it would be if I could send a MMS message to one of my family members overseas, without having to worry about if they would be able to view it or not. I also thought it would be great if they could respond, and we could message each other more often— and do ALL of this for free.

Some might say, well isn’t live video (like Skype) better? It’s not. In order to Skype with a 12 hour difference in time, it is quite a pain. You have to set up a mutual time when you want to have a Skype session, but more so it takes time out of my schedule (or anyone else’s). SayClip avoids that. Leaving someone a video message is personal and fun, while having the ability to do it without intruding in my daily life. With SayClip users can also message more than one person at the same time and essentially engage in group video messaging.

SayClip is meant to help people stay connected with really close friends and family, through video messaging, more frequently.

When envisioning SayClip for people to use around the world, I thought that it would be a great hassle, if the following occurred:

1: Friends and family didn’t use the app.

2: Friends and family didn’t have an iPhone (iTouch, iPad).

3: Even if friends and family used the app, adding all of someone’s contacts on the app would be a boring and dull task.

4: Users would also be irritated out of their mind for 5 minutes while signing up for a new service that would require remembering yet another password.

So the answer came to me: create a private platform available via the web and mobile, where people can privately send video messages to their entourage, with Facebook connect integration. This concept eliminated the problems listed above and being the first user out of anyone you know, on a new platform, talking to yourself.

  • If someone doesn’t have the app, they are notified on Facebook that they have a new message from you via SayClip. 
  • If someone doesn’t have an iPhone (iTouch, iPad) they can use the web platform.
  • Since you most probably already connect with your closest friends on Facebook, you will have those contacts available to you from the minute you sign into SayClip.

I’m trying to make the world a more social place, in a private fashion. 

Thus, SayClip was conceived. And now it is born. Enjoy! (You can download the SayClip App on iTunes here).

P.S. - An Android app will be out (very) soon!…and you will notice the web platform evolving greatly over the near future.

Future of the iPhone from Steve Wozniak (Apple Co-Founder). What do you think? Will it be the size of a nano, using voice recognition as stated? I think so.

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